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A complete trilogy of Gaslamp fairy tale reimaginings set in industrial revolution-era London with magical street gangs. Each book focuses on a different couple while telling an overarching story of the magical Talented in London.

InD'tale Magazine review of Beauty and the Blade

"Filled with intrigue and skilled fighting, this fantasy is sure to have hearts pumping and blood racing. The next in this series can't come soon enough!"

Content notes: Intended for 18+ audiences, open door spicy scenes, fantasy-typical violence, death


The Talented Book One

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Most London socialites dream of marrying for love or status, but Contessa’s wedding is about justice—and revenge.


Nathanial Woodrow is known on the streets of London as the Beast, leader of the fearsome Lion gang who mark their victims with three slashes on their face. Since her mother was found dead with the signature slashes years ago, Contessa has wanted nothing more than to see her murderer brought to justice. However, the Beast has been impeccable at maintaining his façade as the high society Mr. Nathanial Woodrow, and nobody has been able to gather enough evidence to convict him. When the Beast unexpectedly asks Contessa’s father, the Chief of the Royal Police, for her hand in marriage, Contessa and her father hatch a plan to bring him down from the inside.


As Contessa enters the lion’s den in search of evidence to convict the Beast, she finds that not everything is as she once thought. Her father’s work, hunting down Talented that use their magic to rule the criminal underworld, is thrown into question with each glimpse of the kind-hearted man beneath the mask of a hardened gang leader. As Contessa navigates her search for justice, she finds herself questioning what side she’s really on, and why she finds herself drawn to a man she’s supposed to hate.

Content notes: Intended for 18+ audiences, open door spicy scenes, fantasy-typical violence, death


The Talented Book Two

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The Wolves are out for blood, but Scarlett doesn’t intend to let them catch their prey.


When Scarlett’s friend Georgette starts receiving death threats from the Wolves, a powerful street gang, she sets out uncover why they want a prominent socialite dead. As a Talented gangster herself, Scarlett goes undercover. Instead of a hardened murderer, she discovers the charming younger son of a Duke, Benedict Pearce, is the would-be assassin. Clearly not a killer at heart, Scarlett decides to trust the handsome rogue, and they join forces to put a stop to the Wolves mysterious machinations and save her friend.


As the pair begin their investigations, as well as a fictitious courtship to throw the Wolves off their trail, Scarlett must reckon with a past she prefers to keep hidden. Benedict, constantly jovial and flirtatious, slowly chips away at the shadows Scarlett has built around her heart.


Still, as the search uncovers deeper levels of deception, their ruse becomes increasingly dangerous. When facing down the Wolves, Scarlett is forced to confront how far into the shadows she is willing to go to protect the ones who have her heart.

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Content notes: Intended for 18+ audiences, open door spicy scenes, fantasy-typical violence, death, mentions of pregnancy


The Talented Book Three

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Rhosyn knows a thing or two about theft, but she may have met her match.

When a mysterious figure called the Hood, a thief in disguise, starts stealing from prominent socialites, Royal Police officer Rhosyn itches to catch him. His uncanny ability to slip through her fingers presents an irresistible challenge, and she can’t help but obsess over who hides beneath the mask. Unfortunately, her hands are already full with the meteoric rise of a new gang called the Foxes, as well as an unexpected flirtation with an infuriatingly handsome circus owner, Mr. Ansel Blakely.

Rhosyn’s investigations of the Hood lead to the discovery of a more sinister plot in a trail of missing Talented. As she digs deeper, she uncovers a tangled web of lies connecting the thief, the new King, and Mr. Blakely’s circus. Rhosyn walks along a tightrope between her criminal past and her role in the Royal Police, but protecting her home will force her over the edge, and there is no net to catch her if she falls. Doing so would be hard enough without the strange kinship she feels with the Hood, and the nagging questions of whether her desire to catch him has to do with more than just professional pride.


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